Research Briefs

Each grant application pertains to at least one of our charitable areas. Based upon our Roundtable Discussions we know that each area, whether social services, the arts, or the environment, is complex. In order to understand and appreciate the significance of the request, we prepare a Research Brief on the area addressed by the proposal. The Research Brief allows staff and Distribution Committee members to understand the grant request within a context that focuses on local statistics and information as well as national trends.

  Adolescents and Substance Abuse   September 2019
  Adult Day Services   May 2005
  Alcohol and Substance Abuse   March 2021
  Alzheimer's Disease   June 2022
  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)   June 2017
  Animal Assisted Therapy   May 2013
  Animal Services   June 2022
  Arts   March 2022
  Arts and Education   June 2016
  At Risk Youth in Rural Counties   November 2012
  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)   January 2006
  Autism   June 2022
  Brain Injury   March 2012
  Cancer   December 2021
  Character Development   March 2021
  Child Abuse   June 2022
  Child Abuse Treatment   March 2021
  Child Burn Survivors   January 2008
  Child Mental Health Programs   September 2019
  Childhood Obesity Prevention   September 2016
  Children's Museums   March 2013
  Community and Cultural Arts   September 2016
  Dental Care for Older Adults   December 2015
  Diabetes   September 2012
  Disabilities   September 2020
  Domestic Violence   March 2021
  Elderly   March 2020
  Food Banks   September 2020
  Grief and Bereavement in Children   June 2022
  Guide and Service Animals   December 2019
  Healthcare Services Available for the Indigent in the San Antonio Metropolitan Area   December 2020
  Hearing and Communication Disorders   September 2008
  HIV/AIDS   March 2015
  Home Health Care   January 2008
  Housing and Home Modification for Special Populations   March 2020
  Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities   June 2021
  Kidney Disease   March 2019
  Literary Arts Programs   November 2017
  Meals on Wheels   June 2021
  Mental Health Services   September 2021
  Mental Illness   September 2021
  Money Management for the Elderly   September 2014
  Multiple Sclerosis   December 2014
  Museums   December 2021
  Music Education   June 2020
  Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness   January 2007
  Organ Transplantation   December 2020
  Parenting and Child Development   March 2018
  Parenting and Child Development Paper   March 2016
  Parkinson's Disease   November 2002
  Parks   March 2006
  Play and Early Childhood Development   July 2008
  Pocket Parks   March 2016
  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder   January 2006
  Poverty   September 2021
  Prenatal Care   November 2011
  Prescription Drugs for Low Income Persons   June 2022
  Preservation of Natural Areas   March 2021
  Programs for Children with Disabilities   March 2022
  Public Libraries   June 2021
  Rural Healthcare   June 2022
  Rural Multi-Purpose Centers   March 2008
  Senior Centers   December 2020
  Services for Adults with Autism   September 2015
  Shaken Baby Syndrome & Sudden Infant Death Syndrome   November 2007
  Spina Bifida   March 2015
  Stem Cell Transplantation   July 2008
  Substitute Care   June 2021
  Teen Pregnancy   December 2019
  Theatre   June 2021
  Vision Screening for Children   November 2005
  Visual Impairment and Blindness   March 2021
  Wildlife Preservation   March 2021