Foundation Research

The thorough study of a topic so as to understand it in a detailed and accurate manner is a cornerstone of the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation. Since 1998 we have developed an approach to grant making that includes both the intellect and the heart. Each charitable area specified by the Kronkoskys has been researched thoroughly using a variety of methods.

All the information available here is shared with you in hope that you will find it useful. However, if either incorrect information is given or if important information is absent we hope that you will let us know as soon as possible. We are open to and welcome any correction you may suggest. We are sharing with you our understanding of a topic. We encourage your comments and suggestions via email.

Types of Information Available

Roundtable Discussions

Periodically, we have a Roundtable Discussion that focuses on a particular issue. We invite 6-10 individuals who have experience in some way with the topic and invite them to participate in a 3-hour dialogue. We hear about their organizations and then we open it up to a broader discussion: what are the obstacles, what are the issues, where are we going as a community, how can we help? It was from similar discussions that Foundation initiatives have been developed.

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Research Briefs

Each grant application pertains to at least one of our charitable areas. Based upon our Roundtable Discussions we know that each area, whether social services, the arts, or the environment, is complex. In order to understand and appreciate the significance of the request, we prepare a Research Brief on the area addressed by the proposal. The Research Brief allows staff and Distribution Committee members to understand the grant request within a context that focuses on local statistics and information as well as national trends.

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Book Reviews

When we undertake an important initiative such as Precious Minds, New Connections it is important that every staff member become knowledgeable. In order to accomplish this we initiated book reviews in spring, 2001. We tried a variety of approaches, but only one approach generated discussion and involved all of us equally. Each staff member reads one chapter and presents the content to the rest of the staff. We typically have 3-4 chapters presented at any one session. Each presenter creates no more than four powerpoint slides to represent their chapter. The powerpoint slides that were developed as a result of this process are available to you. In addition, we will post bibliographies as they are developed.

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On occasion we collect primary data and compile it. The results of these efforts are available as PowerPoint presentations.

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