Initiatives, Partnerships, and Collaborations


n addition to actively assessing grant requests, received almost daily, the Foundation analyzes areas within the Kronkoskys' charitable purposes, where proactive efforts may be desirable and consistent with our mission.

Within our Initiatives, Partnerships, and Collaborations, the Foundation works with key stakeholders to develop and implement unique and innovative solutions that address complex community issues through systems change and innovation, producing profound good that is tangible and measurable in our communities.



The Foundation’s initiatives stem from community discussions and/or research that identifies a specific issue or need. Initiatives are started, implemented, and funded solely by the Foundation.


Our Current Initiatives:



The Foundation’s partnerships stem from internally or externally-presented ideas, projects and/or community research, which identifies a specific issue or need. They require equal partnership with other funders, major stakeholders and/or community leaders in direction, investment and implementation.  Depending on the needs of the project, KCF’s role may vary.


Our Current Partnerships:



The Foundation’s collaborations stem from an idea and/or project brought to our attention by an external entity or individual. The idea must address a specific need or issue and requires the entity/individual to implement the project with intensive oversight, direction and funding from the Foundation.


Our Current Collaborations:



For more information or to discuss how to partner with the Foundation, please contact