San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum

San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum

Aligned with the Kronkoskys’ desire to expand or improve the public use of information and learning available through museums, the Foundation is invested in the establishment of a community-driven archive that captures and honors the history of African Americans in Bexar County. Led by Everett Fly and in collaboration with the University of North Carolina (UNC) and Texas A&M San Antonio, the Foundation serves as a community convener, facilitator and is supporting the development of the archive’s infrastructure, leadership and sustainability plan.

Powered by community residents, SAAACAM will be housed at Hope House in the East side of San Antonio. Its mission is to collect, maintain, disseminate and interpret a digital database of authentic community-based African American history; encourage and promote interdisciplinary education of shared history at all levels; practice stewardship of the broadest range of resources; and produce creative and innovative programs to heighten public awareness and self-esteem.

Everett Fly is a 2014 National Humanities Medalist, honored for preserving the integrity of African-American places and landmarks. Texas A&M scholars and historians will curate and house artifacts and documents. UNC, supported by an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant, is providing technical assistance and training that will help SAAACAM become a “self-sustaining, self-directed, empowered archive and museum”.

Learn more about SAAACAM’s work and events through its facebook page.

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