Child Protection

Child Protection Partnership

Aligned with the Kronkoskys' desire to free children from abuse and neglect, this initiative aims to address long-standing issues in our local child protection system.


What we have learned

During the summer and fall of 2015, the Foundation supported surveys, focus groups, and a community convening in order to understand the priorities, gaps in services, and the best practices in our local systems. 90 respondents ranging from non-profit providers to CPS leadership, shared that they needed:

  1. Improved communication between providers and CPS
  2. A navigation system to help families find services
  3. Collaboration to provide wrap-around services
  4. Improved/expanded connections to resources for front-line staff
  5. Information sharing and shared data systems
  6. Methods of follow-through from planning to execution

Judge Peter Sakai of Bexar County Children's Court, specifically asked the Foundation to "develop an omnibus network system of communication and information systems between CPS, families, County and City government and all service providers that allow real-time communication, respecting privacy and confidentiality issues."

In response, the Foundation is investing in child protection in the following ways:

Information sharing and system coordination:

Building on the success and momentum of the Autism Lifeline Link's data sharing platform, the Foundation is supporting the design, build, pilot and implementation of an information-sharing and navigation platform, which complies with privacy and confidentiality laws.

The platform will enable real-time communication across system partners in Bexar County and will test and demonstrate the effectiveness of information sharing by piloting the data base with those who are collaborating to address child sex trafficking in our county. If proven successful, the platform, developed by TAVHealth and system partners, can be scaled to serve children experiencing abuse and neglect across Texas.


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