Bexar County Children and Youth Behavioral Health Partnership


Aligned with the Kronkoskys’ desire to promote mental health, the care and treatment of mentally retarded persons, or persons suffering from any type of psychiatric or mental disorders and related matters, the Foundation seeks to strengthen Bexar County’s children and youth behavioral health system of care.


A 2019 report that assessed Bexar County’s local capacity to support children and youth with behavioral health needs identified new opportunities for our community to improve our local systems. Since February 2019, multi-sector stakeholders have been working to identify indicators and pursue strategies that will transform our local systems so that we can reach all children and youth with behavioral health concerns as early as possible with effective and responsive services.


What we know:

  • At least 1 in 5 children and youth under 18 experience a mental health issue before the age of 14
  • The average age of first substance use in Bexar County is 13
  • The majority of children and youth with behavioral health symptoms have not been treated and the average delay between the onset of their symptoms and intervention is 8-10 years


With support from the United Way of Bexar County and the City of San Antonio, Kronkosky Charitable Foundation and The San Antonio Area Foundation have convened county-wide stakeholders, who are determining the scope and direction of the system improvement strategies. Using Results Based Accountability and Collective Impact we plan to implement a long-term, county-wide action plan that will address our local challenges, align current, effective practices and guide innovative strategies, over a series of steps:


Review the following documents to learn more about the progress of the partnership:

Learn more about the progress of the partnership, including the results of the completed phases

Learn more about the draft strategies developed by the partnership

Learn more about the engaged stakeholders



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