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Effective April 15, 2019, the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation will only accept Letters of Inquiry Submitted Online. Hard copy letters will be returned to sender.

The Foundation will only accept Letters of Inquiry from 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

When applying to the Foundation for support, please make certain that your request addresses one or more of our program goals. We have listed program areas of interest to the Foundation (outlined after each stated goal); however, applications that extend beyond those areas of interest are also encouraged. Once you have determined that there is a match between your request and the Foundation's mission, focus, and program goals, you may submit a Letter of Inquiry of a maximum of four pages in length. Because of the large number of requests the Foundation receives and the time required to develop a complete grant proposal, applicants are not to send full proposals unless they have been requested to do so by a Foundation staff member in response to a Letter of Inquiry.

The Foundation's next Distribution Committee meeting is scheduled for March 2022.

With the exception of special initiatives, the Foundation does not have deadlines governing the submission of Letters of Inquiry or grant proposals. Letters of Inquiry and grant proposals will be accepted throughout the year and reviewed on a rolling basis. When a grant proposal is ready for review by the Distribution Committee, it will be included on the agenda of the next meeting at which discussion time is available. Generally speaking, planning for a Distribution Committee agenda will be completed approximately one month before the meeting date.

Helpful Hint

The best Letters of Inquiry are brief and to the point. Two or three sentences per point are sufficient.

A Letter of Inquiry should include information on the following topics and in this order:

  1. Contact information for the Chief Executive (Executive Director, CEO, President) within your organization
  2. Your organization's Mission and Vision
  3. Indicate which of the Foundation's program goals this request addresses
  4. Indicate the type of support requested (Operations, Project/Program, Facility, etc.)
  5. Briefly describe the program or services to be funded
  6. Describe the population to be served by this request, including the number to be served
  7. Program objectives and evaluation:
    • Specific program objectives
    • Evaluation criteria (what outcomes are desired for each objective)
    • Evaluation methods for each program objective
    • What information you will collect to monitor your progress in reaching the objective
    • From whom you will collect the information and how often
    • How you will collect it (survey, interview, test, etc.)
  8. Timeline of proposed activities
  9. Financial information including:
    • Estimated cost for this request (Project Budget)
    • Total organization budget for the requested fiscal year
    • Anticipated organization budget for the following fiscal year
    • Fiscal Year End Date
    • Amount requested from the Foundation
  10. Rationale for the amount requested

Please note: Examples of past work (articles, reports, videos, or other materials) should not be submitted with a Letter of Inquiry.

Submit Your Letter of Inquiry


Letters of Inquiry can now be submitted through our online portal.

You will be asked to verify your:

  • Tax ID number
  • Geographic area

Simply click this link to get started.


Review of Your Letter of Inquiry

When your Letter of Inquiry arrives at the Foundation, staff will review it. You will be notified by letter or email whether or not you should submit a proposal.

Preparing a Grant Proposal

We only review grant proposals from applicants that have been requested by the Foundation. If you are asked to submit a proposal, you will be sent the appropriate application package with your letter of notification.

Review of Grant Applications

We evaluate proposals on the following criteria: relationship to the Foundation's mission, focus, and program goals; a proposal's reflection of thoughtful and careful planning; the organization's record of sound fiscal management; and the organization's likelihood to meet its objectives. For those whose proposals the Foundation requests, staff will schedule a site visit to meet with your key staff, board members, and, in some instances, your constituency. Afterward, if your proposal is determined to meet the Foundation's guidelines and satisfy all review criteria, it will be submitted to the Distribution Committee for consideration. You will be notified by letter of the approval or disapproval of your grant proposal within two weeks after the meeting at which the Distribution Committee considers your proposal.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Kronkosky Charitable Foundation maintains a Conflict of Interest Policy for its staff to ensure independence and integrity in its recommendations to the Distribution Committee. Staff may not accept any form of compensation, gifts, or favors from any organization or representative that anticipates submitting a grant proposal to the Foundation, has submitted a proposal, or has received a grant. Further, the Foundation does not make grants to organizations on whose Board (governing or advisory) a member of its staff serves. Finally, the staff of the Foundation may not participate in fund-raising feasibility studies.