The Foundation reviews agency performance quarterly using reports derived from the Precious Minds, New Connections Database. In addition, at renewal times during the year, comparative analyses are prepared. Through June of 2015, 20 of the programs have been reviewed and renewed. For these 20 agencies the actual data for the 4 quarters preceding their review date revealed the following results.

  • For site based programs, there were 7,052 participants in parenting classes. These participants attended 80% of the sessions scheduled and 70% completed 75% or more of their classes, a measure of successful program completion.
  • For home visit programs, there were 770 participants receiving home visits. These participants were present for 93% of their scheduled home visits, a very acceptable level.

Satisfaction questionnaires indicated a 90%+ satisfaction level with the programs. In fact much of the time, participants in site based programs want to keep attending the classes after completion because of the mutual support group that has developed among the class participants.