Child Protection


The process for this initiative began with a survey of stakeholders and facilitated focus group sessions conducted during the summer of 2015, followed by a community meeting convened on November 4, 2015.

The goal was to collect information form experts in in the local child protection system regarding current priorities, need, gaps in services, best practices, etc. An executive summary of data collected from nearly 90 respondents, and participants highlighted these key points:

Summit attendees:

(1)  Strongly supported need for improved communication between providers and CPS

(2)  Wished for a navigation system to help families find services

(3)  Desired collaboration to provide wrap-around services

(4)  Requested improved/expanded connections to resources for front-line staff

(5)  Asked for information sharing and shared data systems

(6)  Needed methods of follow-through from planning to execution

Subsequent meetings, first with DFPS Commissioner John Specia and more recently with DFPS Commissioner Hank Whitman, have informed us that the State is looking to communities on a region-by-region basis to provide support.  A big piece is to help CPS know what services are available via community-driven collaboration and problem solving.  Commissioner Whitman specifically asked that we build a model to solve the problem in Bexar County that can be replicated across the state, in support of his 10-Point Plan for CPS.

Furthermore, Judge Peter Sakai of Bexar County Children’s Courts suggested “Kronkosky Foundation can develop an omnibus network system of communication and information systems between CPS, families, County and City government and all service providers that allow real time communication respecting privacy and confidentiality issues.”

This impetus is a result of our work with the Autism Roundtable and the successes realized through Autism Lifeline Links providing a one-stop portal for families to access a care coordinator and a referral network hosting a holistic system of care. 

The dedication of our community providers to building and sustaining a successful information-sharing and referral platform in the autism arena -- providing feedback loops, mechanisms for follow-up and follow-through, a roadmap of care and services, and important data to address gaps and overlaps in service -- has provided the momentum to continue similar efforts in the child protection arena.

Kronkosky Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce this new phase of its Child Protection Initiative.  We will be working with TAV Health, DFPS and our local community to identify a path for the pilot phase of building an information-sharing and navigation system to support our community’s efforts to serve children and families affected by abuse and neglect.


Check back here for more information as this initiative develops.  If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Lugalia-Hollon at .